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Day, specializing in the production of building network

Popular products:pvcYin and Yang Angle corner protectorExterior wall insulation protect hornWater lineArticle arc corner protectorMetal bead netsCeramic tile Yang horn line、Barbed wireClimbing scaffold meshMesh construction

Building network
Product advantage

Environmentally friendly products,To adapt to the requirements of environmental protection
The construction of high efficiency,It is easy to operate,Simplify the process of construction
Reduce the cost,To speed up the construction schedule,Improve the quality of construction
Products are widely used in building engineering construction,Indoor and outdoor decoration engineering, etc。

Entity factory,Products cost-effective

Factory direct sale,Eliminating intermediaries make the difference
Designed and developed by this factory for many years engaged in building web production
Strong production capacity,The same quality price is lower,The same price better
Emergency special processing,To ensure the customer benefit maximization

Company strength is abundant

Professional research and development department,Advanced production equipment
First-class technical staff,Excellent sales team
Some products perennial carry large spot
Meet customer friend's emergency project completion,Emergency transfer project

Perfect service system

The delivery in time,Perfect logistics distribution center
The detailed tracking of the service our factory shipment of each batch delivery orders
7*24Hours answers professional customer service for you,Provide more perfect service

Building network
Building network

     Anpingxian, tecon wire mesh products co., LTD,Located in the famous Chinese and foreign“Chinese silk screen of the township”--Hebei anpingxian,Is a professional research and development、Production and sales of various wire mesh products、Decorate protect horn line of large manufacturers。The company has rich experience in production,With advanced cold drawing of cold rolling equipment,Welding machine and bead machine,Extrusion molding machine horn line30Production lines,Introduce and study abroad the concept of new products and new manufacturing process,Become an important reason we always keep the product innovation。

     Days kang screen company manufacturing productspvcYang Angle bead,The internal Angle,Yin and Yang Angle line,Insulation protect horn,Water line,Protect horn line,pvcProtect horn,Stair corner protector,Article arc corner protector,Ceramic tile AngleLine,External grid cloth,Barbed wire,Wire mesh,Mesh construction,Welded mesh etc all kinds of building network and a series of architectural decoration protect horn line。The company has a technical force is very strong r&d team and strict quality control measures,Has distinguishing feature constantly develop new products,To meet the needs of customers,A large number of sales in construction building materials market development of products。

     This company product quality,Class together,Specifications,Very competitive price,According to different customers suitable products。We always put the interests of customers first,My factory continuously improve the production capacity and technical requirements,Constantly improve our after-sales service,Let everyone to cooperate with us to the satisfaction of customers。After all staff of our joint efforts,Our products have been popular all over the country and various countries and regions around the world,Well received by customers。

     Our company always adhere to the“With the good faith for this,Strives for the survival by the quality,To the credibility of development”The management idea,We have high quality products、Professional production technology and sales team,Wholeheartedly for the customer provide good technical support and perfect after-sales service。Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to negotiate business with us!Our purpose is: Work seriously,Be honest,Do customers trust of enterprises!Days kang screen development company is willing to work with you hand in hand!

Anpingxian, tecon wire mesh products co., LTD

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Building network
Building network
Anpingxian, tecon wire mesh products co., LTD

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Address:Hengshui, hebei anpingxian industrial park

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