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  Jiyuan city shun tong engineering co., LTD. Was established2005Years,Is a conform to the provisions of the state,Companies established in accordance with legal procedures。The registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan,The implementation of independent accounting for themselves。My company has engaged in trenchless pipeline design and construction technology and construction personnel50Name,Senior technician10Name,Intermediate professional titles20Name,Bachelor degree or above16People,It happened20Tons—300Tons of trenchless pipe-laying drill more than 10 sets,Import guide instrument more than 10 sets,And large cement pipe jacking device200Tons—500Tons of more than 30 sets。Can undertake diameter20mm—Diameter3000mmAll kinds of trenchless pipe laying project。Since its establishment,For China mobile company、China united telecommunications、China Teleco、Henan cable、The gas company、Tap water company、Heating company、Power supply company、Huaneng guodian municipal rain sewage, etc...[Understand in detail]

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