Zen pu han cultural space

 (Pu-Chan Encounter)

  Taste~From the peace of mind
  At ease~From the life of ascension

  In order to tea,Coffee,Reading group link each other's life,

In this space to share,Communication,Growth!

  Invite you to taste the life together!

The latest news

The Chinese brand to the preparatory buddhist cultural association announcement

08.04.2018 20:30
 The Chinese brand to the preparatory buddhist cultural association announcement date of dispatch:The republic of China107Years04Month07Post shop name:(107)Our people raise words in the first1070407001No message:This association by the ministry of the interior107Years03Month20Group of words within the first day10714005

11Month-12In meditation

24.10.2017 12:28
11/11Gratitude meditation a11/15-16Prajna chan12/23-24Late zen two Yu Pu zen awareness at zen meditation centre activities,Closed on the brand to zen humanistic space over time!

The opening of brand to zen awareness courtyard meditation center

24.10.2017 10:12
 10/01Brand to zen awareness meditation center opening ceremony, Thanks for the VIP:Sun said the good abbot of guo message of congratulations,Especially to give father of monasteries in Taipei as the monk's new book, a set of affinity with them!Guo Zongchang attended the university of Japan really zen,The zen method research

The latest information

07.02.2017 15:43
106Years2Month25Day~26Day【Shanghai symposium soul】The vast life misery,Ups and downs,We whether to have a loss and trouble?In a world of change what really need to pursue?If I've always wanted to change but not the door in?Life has infinite possibility,Through meditation

Notice message

07.08.2015 21:27
Due to the typhoon hit,8/7(Five)And in the evening8/8(Six)Closed throughout the day!If the inconvenience,Please burke!

0801Zen a photo

01.08.2015 23:04
0801Zen a photo