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Permeable luyandan say again ooze water luyandan

The new type、Quickly、Security、Beautiful、Environmental protection、Practical

Rapid drained pavement seeper in a timely manner,Save construction cost,Are the guarantee to pedestrians and vehicles safe to cross the road!

Luyandan,The kerb,Plaque is also called the road。

New type of waterproof luyandan

Introduction to the permeable luyandan

       Permeable luyandan,Also known as weeping luyandan,Is the new development of a new company、Quickly、Security、Beautiful、 Environmental protection、The utility model luyandan products,Right on the surface of the water can discharge in a timely manner, The pedestrian and vehicle safety through the road。 The products include above the road level and below the horizontal line, Described below the pavement level offline part to the shape of porous structure,This new luyandan will higher than water in the pavement on the part of the porous shunt, The lower water go lower perforated shunt,Road surface water through porous directly into permeable to keep up and stone Hole to two timely diversion into the main drain,Significantly enhance brings to the quality of roadbed, Through the safety and efficiency of pedestrians and vehicles。 On the road two laid the new permeable luyandan avoids the road structure layout perforated strainer and rainwater drainage pipeline and blind ditch, Reduce the flow path,Improve the quality of engineering,To save cost,Bring reliable vehicles and residents, Security,A good travel,Significantly reduce the probability of public safety facilities caused by the accident,To the government and society has brought great benefits!

Company profile

The name:Tongling super new building materials co., LTD
Type: One responsibility co., LTD
Residence:Tongling city LianXiang jade YiAn district east village
The legal representative:Cao Changjiang
The registered capital:Above zero nine up all round
Set up a date:2013Years07Month08Day
Business term:/For a long time
Scope of business:General business projects:Wall materials(Does not contain hollow brick)Production、Sales;Steel、Mechanical and electrical equipment、 Wire and cable、Cable casing、Heating tube、Bridge、Switch cabinet、Luyandan、Permeable luyandan、But the stone、 Water supply pipe、Drain、Instrumentation valves、Slag sales;The elevator sales、Maintenance and maintenance。

       Tongling super new building materials co., LTD,Was established2013Years7Month8Number, Located in the beautiful and civilized China bronze are the province of tongling city Other: town YiAn area。Convenient transportation,Is very convenient!
       The company mainly produces and sales of the latest development of new products((Permeable luyandan)) Well received by customers!This product is a new era village roads and parking lot preferred products。
       With the development of the era and the convenience of residents travel demand is higher and higher,My company's continuous innovation,Keep improving the product to do better, Willing to work with the customers friends,Hand in hand,Create a better future!At the same time also the production of various kinds New wall materials、Ordinary luyandan、But the stone and so on。
       Welcome customers to visit the choose and buy!

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