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Tianjin beauty tesla test factory is specialized production building waterproof material series、Geosynthetic materials series,Energy-efficient building materials series、High speed、Highway、Railway、And hydraulic test equipment production enterprise,And with the strength of tianjin university of science and technology cooperation,Seek common development。Collection of scientific research and development、Processing and manufacturing、Distribution in the integration of high-tech enterprises。,Road test instrument is the present domestic production、Building test instrument of key backbone enterprises。In domestic has a higher visibility,The factory equipment,Detection means perfect,Strong technical force。Products in strict accordance with the,The national standard design production,Many times in the national key project bid。Our factory existing staff230More than one,College degree or above technical personnel among them58People,Since1995Since,Our factory started production and sales of road building equipment,After ten years of effort,Our factory new products constantly,The independent innovation,At the same time, absorption at home and abroad*Technology,There are ten several big series is now operating instruments(Drain....

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The main products:Soil permeability tester,Geotextile effective aperture tester,Geotextile thickness gauge

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