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Second-hand ball mill,Secondary crusher,Second-hand rotary kiln

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Second-hand ball mill,Secondary crusher,Second-hand rotary kiln
Common problems
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You want to broken equipment in secondary crusher market
Crusher for large crushing equipment,In addition to mine…
The secondary crusher helps to prolong the maintenance work
In order to guarantee the service life of mine equipment,On a regular basis…
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Linyi and yu machinery co., LTD

Linyi and yu machinery equipment co., LTD., linyi and yu machinery co., LTD., operating mainly used for cement mineral processingSecond-hand ball millSecondary crusher,Rotary kiln,Large motor,High strength and calcinationSecond-hand rotary kiln,Press, etc。Mainly has four characteristics:(1)Rolling bearing is adopted instead of sliding bearing,The friction is reduced greatly,Starting easier、Energy saving is obvious;(2)The discharge end take cone design,Both increase the volume,And forced the ball grading on cone,More close to the exit,The smaller the diameter of steel ball,Increase the grinding action over and over again;(3)Using grooved ring lining board,Increased the ball contact surface,To strengthen the grinding effect,And improve ability of minerals,Reduces the power;(4)Using the whole frame,To facilitate construction(A horizontal foundation construction)And equipment installation。 In more detail
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   Linyi and yu long business of second-hand ball mill machinery equipment co., LTD,Secondary crusher,Rotary kiln,Large motor,High strength calcined used rotary kiln,Press equipment,We always adhere to the“Good faith service,For the quality”The aim of the,Bring affordable for the masses of customers,Qualified equipment。