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Changzhou ojeda machinery technology co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful scenery of changzhou wujin district,Is a professional sheet metal processing factory in changzhou,Changzhou provides professional sheet metal processing services,Sheet metal processing factory which is good,Changzhou ojeda machinery technology co., LTD. Is your choice。The company has advanced precision equipment form processing center,Has the advanced sheet metal processing equipment。Companies with annual output of various products and a variety of precision mechanical parts。Based on the comprehensive talent and technology resources advantage,After various market wind and rain,Annual output value。The purpose of the enterprise is“Undertake the historical responsibility,Promote social progress”,In order to“Brand、Resources、The funds”For the development of fulcrum,In order to“Simple、Efficient、Health”For the management thoughts。Specialized in sheet metal processing factory,Changzhou sheet metal processing, production and sales,Welcome to inquire.
    The company in line with“People-oriented,Standardize the management,To improve、Strive for perfection”The management policy。With the continuous development of social economy,In the same industry competition day fierce,Companies constantly introduce top science and technology to learn software and advanced machinery and equipment,And recruitment of technical personnel,Strive to constantly breakthrough on stainless steel processing and sheet metal processing technology,Setting the company one of the leading enterprises in the same industry。More and more

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