• 2017Years7Month8Day: Jinmao website online

  • 2016Years1Month: Won the countryAAALogistics qualification certificate

  • 2016Years2Month: The winning“2016-2017In the secondary in concrete pole and products general purchasing target package1-5“

  • 2016Years2Month: The winning“2016-2017In the secondary in concrete pole“

Service project


Service for twenty years Honor for twenty years

The development course

Company headquarters is located in xichang,Passing by22In positive,Our company has developed for a circular concrete pole production and sales、Scattered material supply communication、Logistics distribution and warehousing services、Project construction for the integration of the integrated operation of the company。In order to set up in panzhihua、Meishan、Ya、Chengdu、Warehouse of leshan, etc and our service,Radiation surrounding counties,Form covering more than 40 counties in sichuan region business services network。
1995Years - 1998Years

Establishment of xichang state space cement production factory,Production in line with national standards of high quality cement products and prestressed concrete products。Lost straight supply all the major infrastructure projects in panxi region,Provide sufficient guarantee for the region construction。

1998Years - 2006Years

2004Annual change of xichang jin MAO industrial co., LTD。Project independent department the winning number of sichuan、Chongqing、Yunnan province、Henan、The route of hubei province and other regions and pipeline communication engineering、Bridge engineering、Electric power engineering construction。Our company for a long time to lead project team to quality and efficient services unit of each customer high praise。

2006Years - 2014Years

Set up logistics department,In xichang、Panzhihua、Meishan、Leshan、Ya、Chengdu and other places set up the third party logistics service and modern logistics warehouse,Equipped with standard convoys,Set up the familiar with communications equipment、Warehouse management technology, and transportation and delivery experience excellent technical team。For many customers to provide quality and efficient third party logistics service。


After a comprehensive technical innovations and improvements,Built three double circular concrete pole production line,Annual capacity of one hundred and fifty thousand root/Segment。To satisfy the sichuan province regional communications、Electric power、The conical rod broadcasting departments such as construction、Such as diameter rod、The chassis。

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Office address and contact information

Xichang jin MAO industrial co., LTD. Headquarters

Xichang of sichuan province of haihe river west road3Number


13778639865(The phone)

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Meishan warehousing services

Meishan city, sichuan province ShangYi dongpo district economic development zone

13547669760(The phone)

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Panzhihua warehousing services

Panzhihua. A city of sichuan province renhe industrial park of nanshan


13698211237(The phone)

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Win-win cooperation

Take the customer seriously Every step stabilisation

Certificate of honor

  • In eight successive years Won Letter enterprise certificate

  • 2012Years To join the national tax certification letter

  • Circular concrete pole qualified production qualification

  • 2016Years Won CountriesAAALogistics certification

  • 2010Years Won ChinaISO:9001Quality certification

Jin Maoren

Abide by the public trust Public-spirited

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