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 Rugao shield security service co., LTD., founded in2013Years2Month,The company is approved by the public security department of jiangsu province,In the head and under the guidance of the public security department,Legally registered enterprises engaged in a variety of security services。Mainly to provide:The guard、Guardian、Patrol、Security consulting、Regional security order maintenance and all kinds of large-scale activity such as security services。Company legal person or the principal person in charge by security guards and has many years of working experience in the army retired job-transfer cadre group class,The ability to work with、Personnel with high quality、A strong sense of responsibility, etc,Laid the foundation of good management to the enterprise。The company sets:Security service、Education training department、The administrative management department、Clothing equipment and audit supervision department and five departments。Department is responsible for per capita has a college degree or above,The company has created a strong backbone。The company is located in guangfa building blocks of life road, such as city plaza sixth floor,With hundreds of square meters of office space,Modern office facilities and advanced teaching
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What is corporate culture?Rugao shield security company general manager lu always have original ideas:Is the enterprise in the long-term practice and gradually formed a culture concept and historical tradition,It has the common guiding ideology、Code of ethics、The value orientation、Code of conduct、Ideological beliefs、The collective consciousness、Business objectives and direction, etc。In a nutshell,Is it“Be particular about the way of business、Cultivate the spirit of enterprise、Shaping the corporate image、Building enterprise culture”。As a service enterprise security industry,Run the target culture、Refined spiritual culture、Advocate the management culture、Building quality culture、Construct a culture is to promote the security environment、Fast、The healthy development,Make it play a huge role。Maintenance of a harmonious society,Promote national economic prosperity,Rugao is shield security service co., LTD., noble and honorable sacred responsibility and mission。
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