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Plastic tray、Wooden pallets、Exit tray(Fumigation-free pallet,Fumigation pallets),Steel pallet、The paper tray,The packing cases,Wooden case,Paper Angle protector、Stretch wrap film、Packing tape、Baling press packaging storage and transportation, etc。Also can pack according to the different design for the customer in accordance with the packing tray,In order to increase the added value of products,Provide the goods transportation security performance。Our factory can according to customer's sample at the same time,Drawing requirements for production,The standard of different countries and so on。

Plastic tray
Paper Angle protector

Shandong lu da packaging co., LTD

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Jinan plastic tray
  Shandong lu da packaging co., LTDWooden palletsPlastic trayPlywood pallets、Export fumigation-free pallet、Fumigation pallets、The packing cases、Wooden case、Steel pallet,The paper tray、Paper Angle protector、The production of stretch wrap film、Sales、Scientific research specialization in one large storage and packaging enterprises。Various sizes can be made according to the customer request order of wooden pallets,The packing cases。
Plastic tray

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