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Jia is on the east mansion
Jia is on the east mansion(The average price:13000 Yuan/Square meters)
Road king sunshine town
Road king sunshine town(The average price:11000 Yuan/Square meters)
Seoul·Sweet sweet city nine division
Seoul·Sweet sweet city nine division(The average price:25000 Yuan/Square meters)
Seoul·Sweet city, Oriental plaza
Seoul·Sweet city, Oriental plaza(The average price:18000 Yuan/Square meters)
Seoul·San-jiu sweet city blocks
Seoul·San-jiu sweet city blocks(The average price:17000 Yuan/Square meters)
*Building address:Itc east30Km friendship bridge on the east side *Sales offices affiliated with Beijing le jia industry real estate brokerage co., LTD
Yan jiao estate sales office's official website to provide you with:Jia is on the east mansion、Seoul san-jiu sweet city blocks、Sweet sweet city of Seoul city nine division、Yanjiao rich square、Yanjiao peacock city estate purchase consulting service, etc!
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