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Chengdu flashy timber construction engineering co., LTD. Factory is located in sichuan province town industrial park prevailed in righteousness。Is a member of the Canada wood。Chengdu flashy timber construction engineering co., LTD is engaged in the production of glulam 、 Agglutination beam processing 、 Light wood structure house、Heavy wooden houses、Mixed wood construction、Archaize timberwork building、Fabricated and anticorrosive wood wood construction engineering enterprises。The company has a large workshop and professional production and processing equipment,The main equipment:The world famous woodworking planer in all directions、Fully automatic infinite refers to pick up,Large fully automatic machine,The world's advanced level of CNC cabin drilling slotting automatic line。The company adopts advanced wood mortise and tenon joint technology,Fully automated production process,To improve the machining precision and production efficiency,The company has the whole wenqi equipment production line,Ensure the product quality,Has realized the real wood wall flat-fell seam locking tightly、Solid and reliable。The company relies on timberwork residence construction experience for many years,Relying on the design and construction of a large number of professional technical personnel,Using the modern wood preservation technology and standardization of timberwork residence construction process,Success has created many scenic spots timberwork group and private wooden villas。 <In more detail>

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