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Artisans tianjin automation technology co., LTD is a professional maintenance of industrial equipment circuit chip level maintenance company。Integrated development、Sales、Service in the integration of high-tech enterprises。 Main business:Tianjin inverter maintenance,Circuit board repair industry,Drive maintenance,Touch screen repair,Industrial computer maintenance, etc,The company is located in nankai district of tianjin, Has experienced maintenance engineers,With high-tech and advanced test equipment maintenance、Good service guarantee to erect a good corporate image in consumers mind。 Our company not only equipped with advanced testing equipment maintenance,Has a group of skilled、The experienced maintenance engineers,They are on imported equipment are highly proficient in mechanical structure and electronic circuit,And have a profound experience in the field of electronics,To be able to repair the servo system of all kinds of imported equipment、Control system and all kinds of precision circuit board。 No divisions、Regardless of device type,The principle diagram of the no maintenance。 Such as:Machinery、Printing、Rubber tires、Food、The elevator、The hotel、Chemical industry、Clothing、Entertainment、And packing machine and so on all walks of life。As long as you sure is a problem of circuit board,We can provide you with quality services。 Our maintenance... To view more>>
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