Hainan wenchang yongli hair seafood products co., LTD is a provincial government approval of the legitimate business,The company is given priority to with Marine product development,Integrated product processing、Mariculture、Domestic and foreign trade in a body's comprehensive fisheries。 Wynn hair mackerel from seven chau islands waters,With natural pollution-free、Meat is strong,Delicious mackerel as expected,Try the traditional production process,Combined with modern production standards by the slice、Drain the salt、The sun to dry dry naturally’Vacuum packing、Quick-freezing process such as fine,Because of its superior quality sold outside the island and southeast Asia,Is the first choice for consumers at home and gift products! Companies adhere to the quality strives for the survival,We will provide customers with satisfactory products,Excellence strive to continuously exceed customer expectations,Welcome all friends to our company to visit and negotiate business ...
The name:Mackerel(In the film2Block)
The price:The unit price:166/Jin
The name:Mackerel(In the film3Block)
The price:The unit price:146/Jin
The name:Machinery series
The price:
The name:Industrial equipment series
The price:
The name:Other material series(2)
The price:
The name:Display series
The price:
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